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November Update

Good morning beautiful people! This month has been incredible. This was the last full month before the students go on their Christmas breaks, so there is a lot of thinking through what has gone well and what we want to work on for next semester. Focus is still trying to gain ground and grow at Richland, which definitely presents difficulties. We have limited funding, the students sometimes struggle to buy into the vision all the way, the culture is filled with a lot of worldly ideas and people struggling to find themselves. These are all ways to be praying for the ministry at Richland, but this month I want to focus on the wonder.

So first off, Alex and I hosted a Friendsgiving over Thanksgiving break, which was a cool opportunity to invite people who might not have a place to go for Thanksgiving and get to speak life into people from all over the place. We made a ton of food, and surprisingly, people ate almost all of it. There were about 30 people that came over, which sent us …