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February Update

Hello and good morning beautiful people!
I just wanted to write a quick update on the ministry and what's been going on since last I wrote.
Thursday Night Thunder has been going very well. People are still coming and we are starting to become more steady. There is less coming in and out and less inconsistency in who is there and who is not. The students have been getting excited to be a part of serving on Thursday nights, whether that's setting up the room, cleaning up, helping give announcements, or planning events for people for after the service.

This is the room we meet in. Some nights it feels like we are already outgrowing the room, and others it fels like we still have a long way to go. Pray for consistency and for people to buy in all the way. Sometimes, especially at Richland, students get into the mindset that we are just another club and we are gathering for a club meeting. We have a vision for the students to be bought in all the way so that they can be a shining …