August Update

Hello friends!

This month has been truly incredible! We started off with a conference for all the student leaders (corefas). I don't even know how to begin to describe the feeling of being in a room filled with so many students who have decided to commit a year to pouring into the lives of other students at their schools.

We spent some time in worship together towards the end of the first day and I looked around in tears, seeing tens of students from all different backgrounds. These are people I know and have had the priveledge of doing life with for a little while. They are a very eclectic bunch, but they are united by a passionate desire to follow Jesus and make desciples. We had a time of sharing with the prompt "Because Christ gave His life for me, I'm giving up my _____ to be all in." People talked about how they were giving up their image, their time, their comfort, their fear, their schedules, to be all in for Jesus this year. 

The biggest thing this month was welcome week. This is a time when the colleges put on all kinds of free events to get students involved and help kick start their friend-making process. This is something we take pretty seriously as a ministry opportunity. Focus out on a bunch of events and we all went to as many as possible and spent time meeting and interacting with hundreds of students from all over the country and even across the globe.

My work at Richland began this last week as we started classes a week after UTD. We set up a volleyball net and met students outside the cafeteria every morning. We are super excited to get started with our small groups (cores) and get to talk about the Bible and spirituality. 

These are the leaders at Richland college this year!

We had one of the students decide to get baptized, giving her life fully to Jesus a couple weeks ago!

Hundreds of people around the DFW area are getting exposed to people who genuinely want to get involved in their lives and be Jesus to them. This is happening because of students who are giving their time and effort to reach out, and because of people like you who are supporting this. I have been so deeply encouraged by all that I have seen this month, and I don't know how to thank you enough for choosing to be involved with what God is doing here. You are making an enormous impact! 


  1. Hey Jesse! Thanks for sharing what's going on. I love that prompt for sharing what you're giving up to go all in - it sounds like that was a special moment for all those Corefas. Keep up the good work at Richland! I look forward to seeing what God does there!


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