October Update

The Adventure Continues!

Hello wonderful people! This month has been crazy busy, but I feel like I'm also slowly getting a handle on the rhythm of college ministry. I think growth and continuation are two words that sum up this month very well. My tasks and schedule are getting more consistent and a little more defined. I've been in charge of planning and getting students involved in evangelism at Richland college. It has been really cool to see student leaders and the people they are discipling showing up to the common area to meet new people, ask spiritual questions, and invite them into community. Richland focus just bought our own set of board games to use for events to draw people in and it has been working so well! We met a guy a couple weeks ago that has started coming consistently and making meaningful friendships in our community. I've also been meeting with some of the student leaders and getting to see into what God is doing in their lives and in their small groups (cores). Some of the people here have come from all over the world and are experiencing a group that will bring them to Jesus and love them unconditionally for the first time. One of the people I meet with regularly told me that he has been part of a lot of friend groups, but he always had to put on a mask and try to pretend to be whoever everyone else wanted him to be, but this is the first place he has felt like he can actually be himself and be loved for the real him.

My car situation has also been a growing continuation. God blessed me with the ability to obtain another car, but it ate a huge chunk of my savings, so I am trusting that God will help build that back up. This car has been a wonderful joy. It is functional, gets good gas mileage, and is even cute. God never ceases to amaze me with His gentle and kind care. He not only provided a car but gave me a cute one with character. 

God is doing amazing things at Richland college! I have already had my eyes opened even wider to the chaos and evil that is in the world and that affects college students. Even so, God is stronger and more powerful. He lives and is making an impact. Many of these students are learning and seeing God active for the first time, being truly loved in the midst of chaos and it is changing them, making memories that won't fade any time soon. People are choosing to study the Bible with each other and schedule time to be purposefully discipled. 

Thank you. Thank you so much for supporting God's work here. He is changing the world a few people at a time and it means the world to me that you are working to be an active part in that. I couldn't do this without you! I hope you have a fantastic day and that you find peace and joy in the busyness of life. I love you all dearly.


  1. Hey Jesse! Who are all those guys in that picture? Looks like you are having fun!
    I am so encouraged to hear about the growing outreach efforts at Richland. That has always been a challenging campus, but I believe God will keep working through your faithful efforts there. Thanks for reaching out to folks there!


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